2022-23 ARHA House League Playoffs – Starting March 16, 2023

Playoff rules are listed below the schedule.

THURSDAY 16-Mar6:15 PM7:15 PMSeries FMinor AtomU10Semi1 vs 3Game 1
7:15 PM8:15 PMSeries GMinor AtomU10Semi2 vs 4Game 1
8:25PM9:25 PMSeries JPeeWeeU13Wild Card4 vs 5Game 1
9:25 PM10:25 PMSeries KPeeWeeU13Semi1 vs 3Game1
SUNDAY19-Mar4:45 PM5:35 PMSeries ATykeU7Semi1 v 2Game 1
5:35 PM6:25 PMSeries BTykeU7Semi3 v 4Game 1
6:35 PM7:25 PMSeries CMinor NoviceU8Final1 v 2Game 1
MONDAY20-Mar6:30 PM7:30 PMSeries FMinor AtomU10Semi1 vs 3Game 2
7:30 PM8:30 PMSeries GMinor AtomU10Semi2 vs 4Game 2
8:30 PM9:30 PMSeries MHigh SchoolU14-U18Semi1 vs 3Game 1
9:30 PM10:30 PMSeries NHigh SchoolU14 - U18Semi2 vs 4Game 1
TUESDAY21-Mar7:15 PM8:15 PMSeries JPeeWeeU13Wild Card4 v 5Game 2
8:15 PM9:15 PMSeries KPeeWeeU13Semi1 vs 3Game 2
WEDNESDAY22-Mar7:30 PM8:30 PMSeries HAtomU11Semi1 vs 3Game 1
8:30 PM9:30 PMSeries IAtomU11Semi2 vs 4Game 1
THURSDAY 23-Mar6:30 PM7:30 PMSeries DNoviceU9Semi1 vs 3Game 1
7:30 PM8:30 PMSeries ENoviceU9Semi2 vs 4Game 1
8:40 PM9:40 PMSeries LPeeWeeU13Semi2 vs JGame 1
SUNDAY26-Mar12:15 PM1:15 PMSeries DNoviceU9Semi1 vs 3Game 2
1:15 PM2:15 PMSeries ENoviceU9Semi2 vs 4Game 2
4:45 PM5:35 PMSeries PMinor AtomU10FinalF vs GGame 1
5:35 PM6:25 PMSeries HAtomU11Semi1 vs 3Game 2
6:35 PM7:25 PMSeries IAtomU11Semi2 vs 4Game 2
7:35 PM8:50 PMSeries LPeeWeeU13Semi2 vs JGame 2
9:00 PM10:00 PMSeries NHigh SchoolU14- U18Semi2 vs 4Game 2
10:00 PM11:00 PMSeries MHigh SchoolU14 - U18Semi1 vs 3Game 2
MONDAY27-Mar6:30 PM7:30 PMSeries UTykeU7Final1, 2, 3, 4Finals
7:30 PM8:30 PMSeries ONoviceU9FinalD vs EGame 1
8:30 PM9:30 PMSeries PMinor AtomU10FinalF vs GGame 2
9:30 PM10:30 PMSeries THigh SchoolU14 - U18FinalM vs NGame 1
TUESDAY28-Mar7:15 PM8:15 PMSeries RAtomU11FinalH vs IGame 1
8:15 PM9:15 PMSeries SPeeWeeU13FinalK vs LGame 1
WEDNESDAY29-Mar7:30 PM8:30 PMSeries ONoviceU9FinalD vs EGame 2
8:30 PM9:30 PMSeries RAtomU11FinalH vs IGame 2
THURSDAY 30-Mar6:30 PM7:30 PMSeries CMinor NoviceU8Final1 v 2Game 2
7:30 PM8:30 PMSeries SPeeWeeU13FinalK vs LGame 2
8:45 PM9:45 PMSeries THigh SchoolU14 - U18FinalM vs NGame 2


General Rules

  1. Timekeepers will ask the coach of each team to provide a list of the lineup for each game, prior to the start of the game. This lineup should be legible and clearly indicate the names and sweater numbers of players in the order of play. The equal ice time rule will be strictly enforced during the playoffs.
  2. For all divisions (other than Tyke), the three-goal rule applies – no player can score more than three goals during regulation time. Should overtime be required, the three-goal rule will be waived, thereby allowing any player to score in the overtime.
  3. Referees will enforce any equipment infractions, in particular neck-guards, proper sweaters and socks.
  4. If a player receives a penalty in the second game that requires an ejection, then that player will be allowed to participate in the overtime should it take place. However, if the player receives a penalty which calls for more than a one game suspension, that player will not participate in the overtime period.
  5. The goalie may only be pulled in the final two minutes of the game. The replacement player may be any player from your bench.  Should the goalie be re-inserted into the game, then the player who went on for the goalie must be the one to return to the bench.
  6. Select goalies may (but are not required to) play in net for their House League team during the House League playoffs.
  7. When an injury takes place in the game that causes the referee to either stop the play or delay the game at a stoppage in play, then the injured player must leave the ice surface. The replacement player must be a player from the next shift playing the same position (i.e. Forward or Defence).  That player stays on for the remaining portion of the shift and for that player's regular shift.
  8. At the conclusion of every series, all the players are expected to line up at centre ice and shake hands with the opposition.
  9. Coaches are reminded that while the League understands that playoffs are a time of excitement, proper behaviour is to be demonstrated at all times by players, parents and coaches.


Series Format

  1. All series will be a 2 games total points series (except Tyke – see below). In each of the 2 games, 1 point will be awarded for a tie and 2 points will be awarded for a win.  If one team has won both games or has won one and tied one, then that team is declared the winner of the series.   However, if at the end of the 2 games the teams are tied in points then a sudden death overtime period will take place (see Overtime Rules below).
  2. For all four-team divisions (this season, that’s everyone except Minor Novice and Pee Wee), we will be continuing the ARHA Playoff Tradition, where the First Placed team (at the end of the regular season), plays the Third Placed team, and the Second Placed team plays the Fourth Placed team in the first round of the division’s playoffs. The winner of each first round series play a new 2-game series for the divisional championship.
  3. For Pee Wee, Teams Four and Five play an initial Wild Card Series. The winner of the Wild Card series will then play against Team Two; Teams One and Three play as normal, and the second round series is played like all other divisions. For Minor Novice, the two teams have just a two-game final series. Tyke has one-game semi-finals and possibly a one-game finals (TBD).
  4. Parents should note that in order to maximize the regular season schedule, the League tries to condense the playoffs, and playoff games may occur on days and times other than those used during the regular season and must be prepared to bring their child to the rink on any day (the Friday and Saturday embargoes will continue to be honoured, however).


Typical Playoff Series Scenario

SERIES ONE (Team One vs Team Three)

SERIES TWO (Team Two vs Team Four)

DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Winner of Series One vs Winner of Series Two

Overtime Rules

  1. A sudden death overtime will occur if the final game ends in a tie. There will be 2 shifts of 2 minutes each. A buzzer will sound to signal the end of each shift.  The first shift will have 4 players vs. 4 players.  If no one scores, then a second shift will take place with 3 players vs. 3 players.  No player can play more than 1 shift in the overtime.  A goal at any time ends the game.  After that, if required, a sudden death shootout will occur.
  2. A penalty given out during the first shift does not carry over to the second shift. It is over at the end of the shift. A penalty given out in the first shift will result in a 4 players vs 3 players scenario, where the team with the penalty has the penalized player in the penalty box.
  3. A penalty during the second shift will also result in a 4 players vs 3 players scenario – however – in this scenario, the penalized player will go to the penalty box, and the penalized team will insert a third player from the bench. That inserted player can NOT have played during the first shift of overtime. At the same time, the team on the powerplay will add a fourth player to the game. Likewise, that inserted player can NOT have played during the first shift of overtime.
  4. If the overtime ends in a tie, then a sudden death shootout ensues. The referees will toss a coin to determine which teams goes first. The team lower in the standings will call the flip. One player from each team then takes a ‘penalty shot’.  Should one team score and the other not, then the game is over.  Should both teams score or both team not score, then it moves to a second round of one shooter per team.  Should one team have shorter bench than the other, the shooters from the shorter bench will be the last two shooters until all players from both teams have taken their shots.  If the game is still undecided, then both teams start again at the top of their lineups.
  5. Coaches must hand in lineups for overtime and shootout prior to the start of the third period. These lineups must be legible and include the name and sweater number of the seven players chosen for the overtime, organized according to their shifts, along with a separate list of the shooters for the shootout in order of appearance.  Referees will be advised to hand out delay of game penalties should these lists not be given in on a timely basis.


Download or view playoff rules in PDF format.