2023-24 Season Policies and Details

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You need to continue to complete your HCR registration. There are full instructions on our website to do this, whether you are registering returning players and/or new players. Please review – as your registration for the upcoming season will only be complete (YOUR PLAYER/S WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED ON THE ICE) if this HAS BEEN DONE!!

Avenue Road Hockey Association


PROPOSED SCHEDULE  for 2023-24 House League:


Division               Year of Birth                      Days                                             Ice Times

Mite                        2019-2018     U5                  Sunday                            12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Tyke                       2017              U7                Sunday                                4:40 p.m. – 6:10 p.m.

Minor Novice          2016              U8                 Sunday                               6:20 p.m. – 8:10 p.m.

Novice                    2015              U9                 Monday                               6:30 p.m. – 8:10 p.m.

Minor Atom             2014             U10            Thursday                                 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Atom                       2013-2012    U11/U12     Wednesday                            7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

PeeWee                   2011-2010    U13/U14      Tuesday                                 7:20 p.m. – 10:10 p.m.

High School             2009-2006    U15/U18       Monday                                8:10 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.



NOTE: Due to City of Toronto policies, new players from outside of the City of Toronto and returning players with new non-city addresses will not be considered for acceptance into our League until September 15, 2023. Returning non-city players and their siblings will still be accepted.

Waiting Lists: In the event of surplus applications, waiting lists are maintained for each division. When a spot becomes available, you will be contacted (by email; and when possible, by phone) prior to the processing of your application (there will be a 48-hour window for you to reply). Please be sure that we have your up-to-date, regular email address that is checked regularly to avoid issues.


Our fees are used to defray the cost of ice time, uniforms, insurance, referees and timekeepers. The ARHA is a non-profit organization; fees are set accordingly. This year, the total fees are:

Mite/LTP $500

U7/Tyke and U8/ MN$575

U9/Novice to U18/Midget: $600

If you cannot pay the fees, special arrangements can be made. Please feel free to contact the League in full confidence (registrar@avenueroadhockey.com).


Your credit card statement will display the following:   Avenue Road Hockey Association


Registered players who withdraw before September 1, 2023 will receive a full refund (less a $100 processing fee). Refunds will be given after September 1 (less a $100 processing fee) ONLY if a replacement player is found,

For players trying out for Select teams with Fall tryouts, refunds will be as above.

Refund requests must be in writing or by email.


Safety concerns are paramount in hockey. It is mandatory that protective equipment be worn at all times. No player will be allowed on the ice without full C.S.A. approved equipment, including a BNQ neck guard, shin guards, shoulder pads, hockey gloves and a full-face mask. All players receive a team sweater and socks. ARHA policy is for ALL players to wear a mouthguard as part of their equipment, as per the OMHA guidelines.


The Ontario government has passed a law that ALL Players, Parents and Coaching Staff participating in hockey governed by the OHF and GTHL must read and share with their respective players, a Concussion Awareness brief and submit an acknowledgement that they have read it.



ARHA is being held responsible for fulfilling this requirement that is an important step in protecting our players from concussion injury that is serious and claimed the life of Rowan Stringer.


Children born in 2019 and 2018 are eligible to play in the Mite Division. This division, which plays on Sunday afternoons at Baycrest Arena, consists of two classes 12:15 p.m.- 2:15 p.m. The players will be divided up based on skills NOT by convenience (and NOT always by year of birth).  Final placements are at the discretion of the instructors. The season consists of instructional skating and hockey with professional instructors. The Mite convenor will contact each parent prior to the start of the season.


For the 2023-24 Season, ARHA is continuing to implement Hockey Canada’s IP Program.

The program will be implemented into the Tyke 2017, MN 2016 and Novice 2015 divisions, as per Hockey Canada’s mandate:

  • The U7/Tyke/2017 division will consist of cross-ice games and small area skills
  • The U8/MN/2016 division will consist of 2/3 ice games and 1/3 small area skills
  • The U9/Novice/2015 division will play 2/3 ice games


Anyone who wishes to sponsor a team (cost $850) should indicate an interest on the PowerUp platform. To make this easier, please add both parents to each players’ profile! Last year’s sponsors will be contacted automatically.


Any player who will be 14 years old as of December 31st, 2023, who wishes to referee in the League is to contact nathaniel.epstein@avenueroadhockey.com


Under the new Hockey Canada initiative, tryouts for the under 11 age groups will now be held during September/October 2023. For those age groups 12 and older, tryouts will be held in the month of May 2023. Further information will be sent out as it becomes available. We encourage all players to come to tryouts. Select is a wonderful experience for the kids, as it improves their skills and teaches them the importance of teamwork. If you have any questions concerning the program you are welcome to contact arhaselectgm@gmail.com

ARHA’s policy is that if enough players show up in any age group, it would consider running more than one team in that age group.


Your League needs to expand its volunteer base in order to continue to provide the wonderful hockey experience that it does. ARHA is looking for individuals to fill the following positions:

  • Convenors/Coaches
  • Player Development/Coaching Director

Please consider volunteering your time and indicate it on the application form or contact



For players interested in a more competitive league, ARHA is excited to announce that for the 2023-24 hockey season, there will be teams for Under10, U11, U12, U13 and U15, U16 and U17 entered into the GTHL.These teams will not compete on Fridays and Saturdays.

For players trying out for our GTHL teams, a reminder that if your intention is to also tryout for our Select program, if your player is new to ARHA, must be registered to ARHA.

If your child makes the GTHL team, a full refund will be given and a different registration process will take place. For specific information, go to our website and click on our GTHL page to connect with the team manager.


Parents are advised that at each game, in case of emergency, there must be someone responsible for your child, other than the coach. Failure to adhere to this policy jeopardizes your child’s continued participation in our League. As well, there is a space on the registration form to indicate the main contact for the child if there is a separation or divorce in the family.


There is a space on the application to fill in if there is a health condition that the League should be aware of for your child.


In order to promote good sportsmanship and fun, we try to ensure that the house league teams are as balanced as possible. Accordingly, we reserve the right to trade players between teams, in a manner designed to achieve a competitive balance.


Players who miss more than 3 games owing to conflicting commitments (e.g. other sports or activities) may risk suspension without refund. Such players may also be denied re-registration for the following season, so that more dedicated players will get the opportunity to play.


The policy of the League continues to be that no games or practices will be scheduled between Friday and Saturday night, and on recognized holidays. The League reserves the right, however, to schedule optional practices on certain holidays that fall within its regular hockey schedule.


Please use the subject line to identify your player/s name/s in any email communication. This is especially important when you do not share the same last name that your player is registered under!


You may contact the registrar at registrar@avenueroadhockey.com  if you have any questions.