At Home Workouts

In this issue of the ARHA House League Development Newsletter, we wanted to curate some at-home workouts and activities for you. The first link shares some tips and suggestions for you during these uncertain times, listing some skills you can work on at home, and other ways to stay in shape. The second link is a collection of at-home workouts that require zero equipment that you can follow along at your own pace. The last link provides some mental tips for you to assist you through COVID and show you some ways to come out of these uncertain times stronger.

“How to Stay Safe & Train at Home During These Uncertain Times”

“At Home Hockey Workouts”

“3 Mental Tips to Help Athletes & Coaches During Covid-19″

Fun Hockey Videos to Stay Engaged With The Game

Since there are no hockey operations going on right now, we’ve found some YouTube channels to stay engaged in the game. The first link is to Pavel Barber’s YouTube channel. He does many skill tutorials, challenges and funny skits. The second link is to the TSN Bardown YouTube playlist. They do a bunch of NHL quizzes, so if you are interested, you can take a look at these in your free time.

“Pavel Barber’s YouTube Channel”

“TSN Bardown Youtube Playlist”


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