ARHA House League Development Newsletter Issue #2021-3

Issue #2021-3            Editors: Javier Woo, Chloe Zhou & Michael Zi, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto

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This issue contains content that is good for older players.

Mental Health, Stress, and Coping as Athletes

Especially during these unprecedented times, there have been many more difficulties for athletes, students, and parents alike. In this week’s issue of the ARHA House League Development Newsletter, we would like to touch on the importance of maintaining good mental health and how to effectively cope with any stress or stressors we may be experiencing. As athletes, good mental health is crucial for our athletic lifestyle, and developing and exceling as strong competitors. Below, we have provided a link to a very interesting article by Buzzfeed about what stress is and how it is affecting all of us. Additionally, there is a YouTube video that explains the on- and off-field experiences of anxiety and stress as athletes.

Meditation Exercise

One of the best methods of coping with stress is through meditation, which is a simple and easy process to engage in! Listen to this podcast with Tara Brach, a leading psychologist and teacher of meditation, to channel the inner workings of your body and help yourself generate emotional healing and spiritual awakening.

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